Marketing plan

In your business plan show how you would like to get to your client. Will it be placing advertisements in press or online, or perhaps building a mailing list of your customers or collecting their phone numbers. Describe all these activities in a form of a media plan. Place the information about when the specific action should take place, explain how you want to sell your services and how you would like to convince potential customers that it is worthwhile to purchase your products and use your services. Describe what methods of reaching your beneficiaries you would like to apply, and what are the costs involved. Including well written marketing plan in the business plan, firstly - helps you and your colleagues to make an initial selection from among various options for business development and choose the most effective strategies that will ensure the success of the project. Secondly - allows you to convince readers of a business plan that you and your team possess the competence necessary to operate in the market. Please note, that the marketing plan should be dynamic. You must continue to monitor progress in the development of the project and modify it accordingly, so as to always take into account the new (often changing) circumstances.