Mistakes at an interview

What are the most common mistakes made at an interview? Ignorance of the company's history and profile,lack of knowledge of own capabilities, interests, and also own, hand-written resume! Examples can be multiplied. Often, employers find that the information in your resume is nohow related to the experience described. And at the interview, it turns out that the language spoken fluently is the native language only (also with some mistakes), and the hobby is uploading photos to Facebook. First impression made on the future employer matters the most. Even the best CV will not defend the candidate, who either have serious problems with communication and establishing the eye contact at all, or on the contrary - comes to an interview dressed in everyday clothes and behaves like if he had the conversation with a colleague. „Do you have any questions”. The silence after this question is not what the employer expects. You should show interest in the company, job and salary! It is not about discussing this subject for fifteen minutes, but to show that we are confident and know our value. Here, however, with caution. Self-confidence - yes! But no prance, intemperance, or boasting. Monologue about your achievements or original interests should be confined to a minimum. You should also remember that optimism is contagious. If you show an active interest in the work, you may find that this is precisely what new boss was waiting for.