The most common cover letter mistakes

The cover letter is an expanded version of a job application. The employer, by reading the letter may get more familiar with the information contained in your CV, for example, may find out more about the duties performed in past jobs. The cover letter is not easy to write, often, following errors appear : Unprofessional e-mail address It is a trivial reason, but may be decisive in the recruitment process. Serious business is certainly not interested in the graduate student, who holds the email address Repeating information from your CV What has been included in the Curriculum Vitae, should be complemented in a cover letter, providing new, interesting details making employer more interested in the candidate. Incorrect layout It is accepted, that a letter should have the information about place and time in the top right corner, and in the left your personal details. Below, in the middle, there should be the business address to which the application is submitted. Then, the content of the letter, and in the lower right corner - the signature of the candidate. Changing these rules will disqualify at the beginning. Spelling errors, typos It is unacceptable to send a cover letter with errors or typos. This demonstrates the unreliability and lack of basic knowledge. Such a candidate has no chance of getting a job. Inappropriate tone Prolonged lack of work can lead to frustration, but it should not be visible in the letter. Imploring tone, which indicates candidate's desperation, will rather deter then encourage. Cover letter, regardless of the situation should have an official character.