The most common CV mistakes

Curriculum Vitae is our business card. Only interesting and correctly written one, may interest the future employer. There is number of mistakes that should be avioided while writting a CV: Bad formatting There should not be too much information inserted in the CV. It is better to focus on the experience and skills rather than personal data. It is unnecessary to add names of parents, children or brand of the car driven. The maximum lenght is 2 pages in A4 format. Unstructured content The information should be presented chronologically, in accordance with prevailing rules, in the following order: personal data, education, experience, skills and interests. Addition of each new information is not advisable, because it destructs the entire composition. Unreliability In order to make a good impression on the employer, the candidates often give inaccurate information. Especially when it comes to foreign languages, their knowledge levela is overestimated, and it is often verified at an interview. Inappropriate photo Each CV should include a recent photograph. Yet, because it is a business document, select the passport photo. Posting private photos shows lack of competence, hence it may be a reason for rejecting a candidate at the stage of selection. Absence of a clause on the processing of personal data It is one of the most common and serious mistakes. Most offers contain information about the need to agree to personal data processing. Its absence is equal to the rejection of the candidature at the beginning of the process.